Welcome to Rirou’s Conspiracy

This is a true inner child revolution, and Rirou is a Dad with an attitude of: Anarchy with a discipline of an ironman, which makes Rirou the P.O.P.E of Rock-it-ology!

Rirou is a named originated from Richard, because in Brazil everyone had a hard time saying Richard, and next thing we know became Rirou. When saying Rirou in Portuguese sounds like hero, but Rirou ain’t no hero. He is a punk!

Rirou was told that he was going to hell for listening to Rock and Roll, more precise heavy metal, trash metal and punk rock. He never understood why people said that. But the truth is because the truth is Rock and Roll made him feel good since a very young age. He felt down many times in life and Rock and Roll was the thing that kept him going, Rock really touch his soul. In fact, Rock and Roll saved his soul many times.

Rirou always heard when you become a parent you will understand. Well, Rirou became a dad and he still didn’t understand. Rirou got his guitar weeks before Luke was born. Luke kept asking Rirou to sing fast songs, and Rirou a master in air guitar started to create fast songs for Luke. One day Rirou decided to fulfill his destiny and started to learn how to sing and play the guitar for real.

In 2020, Rirou has risen as the Rocker Dad and Dad is a punk. Rirou became Mr Punk, a true inner child revolution. Now, Rirou wants to create an army of punks to punk the world after all Rirou believes in being the change you wish to see in the world. So, in 2020 he created rock-it-ology a mission totally inspired by his kids, after all Punk is not dead, Punk is DAD!

Rirou became the P.O.P.E of Rock-it-ology transforming his kids favorite songs into punk rock songs, while speaking his truth, that Religion is child abuse! He is not a hero, he is a modern day super villain, he is the P.O.P.E.

Check www.rock-it-ology.com and my channel with Punk Rock songs for kids.



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