The myth of the Punk Rocker Dad

This is a true inner child revolution, and Rirou is a Dad with an undisputed attitude of: Anarchy with a discipline of an ironman, that’s how he became Darth Rirou. That made him, his own super hero and now he is spreading his wisdom with a conspiracy of one: Punkaste the book (my journey through depression) + this blog with seeking my way out + an YouTube channel with the healing sounds = Rebirth. No more pills, and released from therapy after 18 years.

Rirou is a named originated from Richard, because in Brazil everyone had a hard time saying Richard, and next thing we know became Rirou. When saying Rirou in Portuguese sounds like hero, but Rirou ain’t no hero. He is a punk!

Rirou was told that he was going to hell for listening to Rock and Roll, more precise heavy metal, trash metal and punk rock. He never understood why people said that. But the truth is Rock and Roll made him feel good since a very young age. He felt down many times in life and Rock and Roll was the thing that kept him going, Rock really touch his soul. In fact, Rock and Roll saved his soul many times.

Rirou always heard when you become a parent you will understand. Well, Rirou became a dad and he still didn’t understand. Rirou got his guitar weeks before Luke was born. Luke kept asking Rirou to sing fast songs, and Rirou a master in air guitar needed to learn how to play for real. In 2019 just 2 days before Rirou’s 39th birthday he decided to go back to school at the school of Rock.

Rirou tried to talk with the highest Religious authority in the planet, the Pope, about the misconception and the judgments with rock and roll lovers. As usual was received with stones. He tried to sell his soul by sending the Roman Catholic Church an invoice and it exchange he would not tell his side of the story. Once again he was ridiculed, so Rirou got tired and decided he needed to do something, after all he truly believes in being the change.

With the arrival of his second child Rirou became the P.O.P.E of his own Religion called Rock-it-ology INC, a true inner child revolution, founded on Halloween 2020. Now, Rirou is running free with his conspiracy of one, ROCK-IT-OLOGY.

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