Rirou, the Punk!

This is a story of Rirou’s life, but no he is not another hero…

Rirou never understood why people said Rock and Roll was the devil’s song and would send you to hell for listening. Because the truth is Rock and Roll made Rirou feel good. In fact, Rock and Roll have saved his soul.

Rirou always heard when you become a parent you will understand. Well, Rirou became a dad and he still didn’t understand. Rirou had no belief, but he believed he was walking in contradiction since very few people talked about feelings. Rirou then decided to talk about how he felt, but in the most punk way he knew it.

No, Rirou is not crazy to think he could change the world, but he does believe he could punk the world.

No, Rirou is not an asshole. He is just a modern caveman that created his own religion to justify his own midlife crisis. Which is not a crisis, it’s a spiritual awakening. .

Yes, Rirou always heard “voce so faz arte” which the translation to English is ” you only do art.” But the it’s not like that, the real meaning is you are a punk and not in the good way.

Rirou realized it was all connected after he heard about the old East River Indian saying: “God gave man the truth, then the Devil came along and said; let me organize.” Since Rirou was saved by the Devil’s music he needed to take action.

So, Rirou said “Fuck it, let’s Rock”, and created a Religion based on feelings. Rirou is not another hero, he is a punk with a master plan to punk the world. He created a Religion with a prophecy based on a true story with a master plan to punk the world.

This is obviously a satire, but is based on a true story about life, about Rirou’s life path. A life path that would lead him to create a his own Religon, it was obvious, it was writing in the stars, after all Luke and Rirou were really strong with the punk force.

In 2020, Rirou is the punk prophet came back to punk the world inspired by Luke.

Feel Good,


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