The collapse of the Matrix

First of all let me explain what I see as the matrix. Back in 2002 I was in a major crisis for the simple fact that I was working full time in a job I hated, and studying something that I also hated. I was 260 pounds, smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day and drink every night. Truth is, I was just miserable. I was 22 years old making good money but I was selling my soul. I was living a life that was not serving me, in fact that was the opposite, this life was making me sick. In order words, I was repeating the same old story: go to school, get a job, sell your soul, etc. That for me is the what matrix is, it’s a belief by society on how life should be.

Now the universe is making us slow down life with the corona virus, where we are in quarantine with pretty much a “force” family time. If you stop to think about it, family is the heart of a society.

When I first moved to Colorado I got a job coaching 2 classes of middle school kids, and 1 class of elementary kids for physical recreational activities. What I first notice was that those kids were craving for attention. The funny thing is, if you look at it the kids you automatically think: they have everything to keep them busy such as: iPads, Phones, toys and much more. However, they were still craving for attention. I also notice when the parents came for the games the kids would perform much better.

Looking at life in a philosophical way, we can basically say that mother earth is sending us to our room to think on what we are doing. There are 2 things I learned in all the crisis I went through in my life is:

1- If we don’t change the crisis will get stronger and stronger until we finally make a change. Like a music in repeat, but each time the song repeats it gets louder and louder.

2- Change must come from the within, because if you don’t make a change from the core you are just doing a quick fix.

The corona virus crisis is giving us an opportunity to make a real change, and that is why I say the matrix is collapsing. That fast way of life where there is barely time for family is collapsing right in front of our eyes. Rather you like it or not is giving us an existential crisis, because is making us slow down life, and consequently we have time to start question our own existence and our lifestyle.

There are a few things I learned during my own crisis:

  1. It’s ok to not know.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the new and let go the old.
  3. Take a deep breath and listen to your intuition, trust me, it never fails.

And that is all for today my friends!

Richard – Master Punk Rocker Philosopher Dad.

Ps: Here is a pretty cool Punk song about society.

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