Day 7 of 40 – The ways of the punk

Rirou woke up on Thursday march 19th feeling like he took 100 pounds of his back, he knows because he lost 100 pounds before, but that is another story. He look in the mirror and smiled, that was a good feeling, he was feeling good. Rirou has always believed in energy, and he did a became a Reiki master after Luke was born, something he wanted to do since 2012. For some reason Rirou has always be attracted to those things such as energy work, because Rirou was sensitive, meaning he have an empath personality.

During his Reiki class he learned that Reiki could potentially re-align yourself with your life purpose, something that Rirou like to call as soul contract. Anyways, he kept going on his Thursday and having lots of fun with Luke, listening to music, dancing, like a typical Thursday. However, they were inside most of the time due to the covid-19 lock down.

Later that day Rirou went to his cave in the garage and he saw all his projects sitting there looking at him. His cave was messy, just like his head. Sure, he felt lighter but his head was messy, just like his cave. It’s weird, because with the weight Rirou could not see that, but now it was clear.

Rirou felt the energy in his cave and it needed to be moved around. The energy was stuck and his projects were talking to his soul, just like in the dream: It’s time to act, and guess what? At that moment Rirou just had another Deja-vu. He started organizing his cave and his visions were getting even more clear.

Rirou always heard in portuguese “voce so faz arte” and if you translate is “you only do art”, but the real meaning is that you are being a Punk, but Punk in this definition:

But being a punk is not like that, and rock was not the devil song. In fact, Rock (specially punk rock) have saved Rirou’s soul. Rirou was no longer angry, and he was ready to teach the ways of the Punk. Rirou was ready to fulfill his destiny, Rirou was ready to rise and his plot to Punk the world just needed to be organized in his head so he could listen to his soul and escape the matrix. He needed to start in the physical level. After all, it’s all connected; the mind, the body, the soul, and the environment. The punk force was strong in Rirou again, a force that he always had it, and Luke brought Rirou the inspiration to teach the ways of the punk…after all the story was already writing in the stars.

Feel Good,


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