Day 10 of 40 – peaceful day

Rirou woke up that Sunday without pajamas went to the kitchen, and grab a cup of coffee as usual, however his was completely naked. He sat down in the sofa and started to have a conversation with his wife. But first, she looked at him and said “WTF is this”. Rirou replied, ” Didn’t you get the memo? I ditch the pajamas, and it’s called midlife crisis”.

Rirou started to explain, that was a metaphor. He was finally looking good naked but he was afraid of continue his project. As you may know, “fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering”. Rirou was no longer angry, but he still had fear. He was afraid of using his voice, that voice from the dream that nobody was listening. He needed to be “naked and not afraid”.

Around 3 o’clock that afternoon, he received a text message asking if he was going to the School of Rock online band meeting (The midlife crisis). Rirou had miss the email, due to the huge amount of emails. Because of the quarantine we now receive thousands of emails with sales online. Rirou jumped in the meeting within 2 seconds, after all his studio was finally organized and ready to rock. At the meeting they set up a project to work on until they can go back to playing together.

Rirou left the meeting with a big ass smile, and just for the record he had clothes on during the meeting. It’s incredible what music can do to Rirou and Luke, after all Luke loves to hear his Dad jamming in the garage. Rirou came out of the meeting with his guitar and started jamming next to Luke. Luke always ask Rirou to make the songs faster, so Rirou started to have ideas for his music project, meaning his “evil plot”…

Rirou’s favorite punk song as a kid, around 7ish years old…

Feel Good,


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