Day 11 of 40 – Divine Intervention

Rirou woke up that Monday March 23rd feeling good, since Mondays are hard because it feels that the energy of the planet is heavy. He didn’t know why, maybe because 75%, or more, of the whole world hates Monday’s, or maybe was in his mind. Either was this time was different, Rirou felt good on a Monday.

The Monday went on as usual. Luke was restarting his therapies via tele-health, online school was going to start, and the new normal started to take place on a much slower pace, at least for now. However, Rirou was very surprised with the lack of a case of the Monday’s, maybe it was the lack of pajamas, or maybe he was really he was just Rising. The important thing is that he felt good.

Later on in the day, Rirou got the guitar and started jamming next to Luke and out of a sudden, like a divine intervention, a melody clicked and Luke open a big smile. When that happened felt like the time has stopped on a another big ass deja-vu. This was something Rirou was thinking about it for ages and now it seems like it was taking form.

Crazy how everything was starting to make sense for Rirou on a Monday. Rirou didn’t know if it was funny or ironic, however it really felt like a divine intervention telling him that he was in the right direction and that he should keep exploring that and fulfilling his destiny… To be continued.

Feel Good,


Today is Monday and Mondays we have the Case of the Mondays Episode. Today interview is with Keeana Martinez singer at Immigrants Child. Check it out here.

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