Day 14 of 40 – The end of the world as he know it

Rirou woke up that day March 26th feeling ready for a change. Some studies claims that takes 21 days to make a change, and Rirou was in his 21st day of quarantine, but officially 14 days since it was declared state of emergency in USA.

Rirou knew it better that he couldn’t let the trigger pull him down, after all that was the same bomb triggering again, yes less intense, but it was the same one. Since Rirou’s quarantine started due to the COVID-19 he decided to use this time as a metaphor and make this his “walk to the desert”. Rirou loves metaphors, and this one seemed perfect. The corona virus was hitting the core of our issues (society, at least it seems like it) making the world slow down and go within. Rirou did that and got into his own matrix.

Rirou knew that he deals with depression, and that procrastination is a symptom, but why? Fear was one of them, but he was already losing that, but Rirou was getting close finding out why. When Rirou got into School of Rock he not only wanted to play the guitar, but he wanted to learn how to sing as well. Singing is another metaphor for Rirou, it was like learning how to find his voice, literally cause Rirou singing sucks, it’s true and he knows. He doesn’t care, that is healing for him and healing is messy. So, to be fair he is in pre school of Rock, and he first singing class was in December 2019 so maybe one day it will get better. Just a matter of time or not, who knows.

Rirou went to organize and fix shit around the house, and he finally finishing painted his cave. This was not the normal set back, that was the end of the world as Rirou knew it. That was a huge progress for Rirou and Rirou this time did not stop working on his “evil” plot, instead he found his old writings with the missing part of the plot.

Feel Good,


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