Radio Rejects

Name: Smith

Age: 36

Band name: Radio Rejects

What band influences your music? The thing I’ve loved about RR is that we draw from a wide range of influences and try to keep things far from “samey”. Bands like Descendents, Ramones, 7 Seconds, Misfits, Teenage Bottlerocket , Gorilla Biscuits, The Lillingtons have a major influence on how I write music.

How long have you been playing? Been in many bands since I was 19, but Radio Rejects have been around for under 2 years.

How have you got into music, and why? I failed music all through school. I couldn’t play anything or keep a tune. Then one day a mate of mine owned a bass guitar and I asked to have a go. I started playing anything and realized I could make a little tune. Couple of weeks later I bought my own and started making my own songs by ear.. Next thing im buying a guitar, drums and keyboard and doing the same thing. Writing music all of a sudden was like a drug to me. It was the most natural feeling thing. It’s hard to explain. To this day I play about 7 instruments, not one lesson to my name. Learnt all by ear ha-ha

Your top 5 favorite songs: Ohhh that’s a tough one..

1 – Rockaway Beach – Ramones
2 – Young Until I die – 7 Seconds
3 – Gone – Bouncing Souls
4 – Envy Is Dangerous – Raised Fist
5 – Hybrid Moments – Misfits

What is your worst case of the Mondays? (If you don’t know what it means, google office space)

Ha-ha yes! Such an under rated movie!! I’ll never think of Michael Bolton the same way.

Well im Manager for a Food Logistics company so I’ve had my fair share of horrible days.. But I’d have to say being stuck at work with no music puts me in a foul mood. I always have my head phones on whilst working.

What touches your soul? My kids. Not a day goes past where I don’t think of something rad or fun we’ve done and it just makes me smile. Being a dad is the “Greatest”. No pun intended

An example on how not to be an asshole? Honestly, just treat EVERYONE the same. I’ve done this my whole life. Go into each and every day with an open mind. You’re not going to get along with everyone but if you aren’t willing to at least give them a chance then you’re a dick… If they prove to be a douche down the track then it’s easy to just let them be.

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