Chapter 13: Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all mother’s out there and in special to the mother of my kids.

First, I must acknowledge how hard it is to be a mom in the present days. I see it everyday! I mean, the mother’s energy is different than the father for obviously reasons, therefore their brain and physiology weired different, so to keep a balance is much much harder. My wife works from home and I see how hard it is, in between baby phisiological needs, work and how a mom energy (the soul) is wired is very hard work. Like they don’t have time to think! It’s very punk! I belive women are way stonger than men in so many ways!

Second, I am a stay home Dad and my brain is not wired like a mom, to look at details, and believe me is a lot! Specially when I have my days, the days I go back to my scared traumatized innerchild. Yeah, that does not make thinks easier for her, and for any other mom out there, cause you know… There are quite a few traumatized men out there because we were trained not to talk about our feelings. I know I wasn’t, and for me it’s a daily work, is getting better, however I must say, sometimes for her it must feels like that she has 3 kids! I can’t express how grateful I am, because now she can reconize my struggle and just say: go skateboarding or go for a drive with loud music, it’s an incredible! So on top of everything I have to reconize this is as another super power that she has.

Third, I believe we choose our parents, and I can assure Luke and Amber choose the perfect mom for their journey in this life! As of for me, I am just an lucky asshole the won in the life lottery, the lottery that has nothing to do with money and everything to do with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there, in special to the mother of my kids, you fucking rock! Honestly, you are modern day super hero, that is the only way to describe and only way to reconize all you do for our family. We love you!



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