Day 9 of 40 – Ditching the pajamas

Saturday march 21th, Rirou woke up that day like just like another Saturday, he woke up slow. Well, now without school he was waking slow everyday. After all is has been 9 days of officially quarantine, but Rirou and his family were in quarantine for 16 days already. It has been 16 days in pajamas pretty much.

During the COVID-19 quarantine it became a normal thing to people go live on social media, talking about many different topics. Some lives, were awesome, other not so much. Rirou was not really into this but sometimes it was fun. After all, Rirou was getting some social media distancing and it was helping him.

Rirou went to watch a live, normally he did not participate, he just watched and for some reason he decided to ask a question. It was live about spirituality, energy and mind; something that Rirou loves. So, Rirou asked the question and due to his username the response was the same old story, a simple: “You got to be careful with Rock”, meaning the Rock (punk. metal etc) was a bad vibe. But for the first time in 40 years he did not get mad, in fact he laugh and thought the bullshit is everywhere.

Rirou finished the live, and he could not understand why people say that Rock is bad vibe? If spirituality is about inner peace and Rock gave Rirou inner peace, how could be bad? After all if it wasn’t for Rock Rirou would not even be there watching that live. Rirou have had suicidal thoughts in the past and Rock was the only thing that have helped him. Rock made him and his family happy.

That day Rirou reacted differently, like a rebirth from the matrix the red pill was working. Rirou was not angry anymore, and he took that as a sign. A sign that it was time to share the story and continue his plot, after all Rirou belived in being the change you wish to in the world. Rirou made huge progress in looking good naked, but that live made him no longer afraid… it was time to ditch the pajamas.

Feel Good,


Day 8 of 40 – It’s not like that

Day 8 of 40, Rirou woke up inspired because it was Friday and on Fridays Rirou have guitar class at the school of Rock where he attends pre-school. Well, that Friday march 20th Rirou was doing the his first online class. Rirou was super pumped, after all Rock and Roll saved his soul.

When Rirou decided to become a Dad he said to his wife “I do not want to pass my baggage to my kids”, since then Rirou has been working hard in his healing. Rirou did not want an angry or depress that, and he also wanted to make things differently. He wanted to be a present, happy and fun Dad. Rirou became a Dad of an incredible soul, extremely emphatic, with true super power: a smile that can melt the hardest heart.

Rirou and Luke share a very strong connection through music, that started very early when Rirou used to play his favorite songs to Luke in the belly and he would move like crazy, just like he does now when he listen to music now (Luke has an incredible rhythm) . During the pregnancy Rirou created an email for Luke where he wrote him a feel times, so Luke could read later on in life what was going on. All the emails contained something about music. After all, Rock touches Rirou’s soul in an incredible way, and having a child is probably the biggest spiritual experience someone can have.

Luke enjoying Rirou’s playing Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters.

Rirou got a guitar for his 36th birthday, from his wife and he made a goal of learning his favorite songs to play for Luke. He learned the first one before Luke was born and every time he practice Luke would move in the belly. One day right before Rirou’s 39th birthday he left the therapy session that day and stopped at the school of Rock and signed up for guitar lessons and adult band program. It’s not like Rirou wanted to be a rock star. He just wanted to be happy and that is what it means to be a Punk! Being a punk is a matter of “Looking good naked”, is the ability to feel good in own skin, and that requires a healthy mind, body and soul.

First song Rirou learned in the guitar.

Rirou knew it that if he didn’t look good naked, he could not teach Luke on how to look good naked either. Rirou always believed in leading by example something he learned being an athlete and coach for so many years. Also, studies claim that emphatic people are like humans lie detector, and Rirou did not wanted to lie to his kids. He is not that kind of man. Rirou being a athlete/coach learned a lot about mind (overcoming limits) and body health (nutrition), but now it was time to explore the side that was buried for years… It was time to get his soul healthy, It was time to feel good in his own skin, it was a time to be a Punk!

Feel Good,


Day 7 of 40 – The ways of the punk

Rirou woke up on Thursday march 19th feeling like he took 100 pounds of his back, he knows because he lost 100 pounds before, but that is another story. He look in the mirror and smiled, that was a good feeling, he was feeling good. Rirou has always believed in energy, and he did a became a Reiki master after Luke was born, something he wanted to do since 2012. For some reason Rirou has always be attracted to those things such as energy work, because Rirou was sensitive, meaning he have an empath personality.

During his Reiki class he learned that Reiki could potentially re-align yourself with your life purpose, something that Rirou like to call as soul contract. Anyways, he kept going on his Thursday and having lots of fun with Luke, listening to music, dancing, like a typical Thursday. However, they were inside most of the time due to the covid-19 lock down.

Later that day Rirou went to his cave in the garage and he saw all his projects sitting there looking at him. His cave was messy, just like his head. Sure, he felt lighter but his head was messy, just like his cave. It’s weird, because with the weight Rirou could not see that, but now it was clear.

Rirou felt the energy in his cave and it needed to be moved around. The energy was stuck and his projects were talking to his soul, just like in the dream: It’s time to act, and guess what? At that moment Rirou just had another Deja-vu. He started organizing his cave and his visions were getting even more clear.

Rirou always heard in portuguese “voce so faz arte” and if you translate is “you only do art”, but the real meaning is that you are being a Punk, but Punk in this definition:

But being a punk is not like that, and rock was not the devil song. In fact, Rock (specially punk rock) have saved Rirou’s soul. Rirou was no longer angry, and he was ready to teach the ways of the Punk. Rirou was ready to fulfill his destiny, Rirou was ready to rise and his plot to Punk the world just needed to be organized in his head so he could listen to his soul and escape the matrix. He needed to start in the physical level. After all, it’s all connected; the mind, the body, the soul, and the environment. The punk force was strong in Rirou again, a force that he always had it, and Luke brought Rirou the inspiration to teach the ways of the punk…after all the story was already writing in the stars.

Feel Good,


Day 6 of 40 – Three little birds

Rirou woke up that Tuesday March 17th, took the dog out before Luke woke up. The birds were singing, the air was lighter. He finally heard his wife and took social distancing to a whole new level, he started a social media distancing.He finally listened to her, she has been saying for months. So, he started a week off social media.

Rirou knew that he needed to change, taking a break from social media would help. Just that morning, he was able to listen to the birds like it was 1990, thanks to the corona virus there is almost no noise at streets. Rirou not only heard the birds but he was these three little birds chancing each other, and they almost hit Bolt (Rirou’s dog). He then decided to walk barefoot on the grass for grounding, and that helped. But listening to the birds singing was what made Rirou more centered. But the real changed needed to be from inside.

Rirou likes to walk his dog at night look the stars, because is quite and the stars give leaves Rirou in awe. However, that was the first time in awhile that he felt like that during a day walk. Something about those birds felt like something was about to change.

Rirou stopped to think about it, what he needed to change. After all he already changed so much, it’s like his wife got a new husband. Meaning, Rirou has change so much that family and close friends thinks that he have an ability to reinvent himself over and over again. That reality, is not like that. All this time, Rirou was just trying to feel comfortable in his own skin. Now, Rirou finally looked good naked, he was finally comfortable in his skin, he finally loved himself. But why was he still procrastinating?

That day Rirou did some yoga, and after all the activities were done, and a long meditation session. After that, Rirou sat outside under the moon with pen and paper. When he realized it was 1 am and he had written more in one day than in the entire year. And that felt good…

Feel Good,


Day 5 of 40 – Chaos from within

Monday march 16th, Rirou woke up with the feeling that the air was heavy, kind of a collective case of the Mondays. If you don’y know what “A case of the monday’s” it is please watch the video below. Anyways, the day kept going but Rirou was getting more and more anxious.

That day Rirou made a mistake of checking his Facebook notifications in the morning, the issue with Facebook is that everyone is screaming but nobody is listening. Plus, feels like Facebook is creepy, and sometimes it feels like it trying to control your mind. For example, you post something about, let’s say diapers, and out of a sudden you start seeing ads of diaper all over your Facebook time line. Yeah, it’s creepy, and the same happens in the news, the more you read about certain subject the more that will show it to your time line, and the issue is you never get to see the other side of the story. Facebook feels like back in the days, when family watched the news together and everyone was bitching about it the difference is that on Facebook the “family” is a lot bigger, and everyone is scream and nobody is listening. It’s a recipe for hate.

Rirou has had always a different approach to life, when he was a triathlete for awhile people called him the Triathlon Buddha due to his zen approach to life, and he did the same as a coach. One of his favorites was disconnect in order to connect. Rirou has use that for years, in all of his crisis. Today, was the same, he got caught in collective case of the Mondays and mix that with an internal chaos it becomes a perfect storm.

That Monday Rirou thought, he needed a change. I have been only 1 official week, but Rirou was on the second week of isolation. Rirou knew he needed to do something, and the answer was within….

Feel Good,


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