Chapter 18: Self defense

You know, sometimes I ask myself why pick a fight, if I don’t even like fight. Honestly, I cried in my first fight.  I thought it was stupid, not the crying, but the fight. The crying I think is cool, because is okay to be sensitive and a bad ass at the same time.

One thing I learned in life is that self defense is a must. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and my family thought me that really well. When I started this journey I found little Rirou under attack. So I did what I would do as a father, if that was my child. So, I thought him how to pass the guard (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu). Then I talk to him and asked who was attacking him? That’s when he opened up and told me everything bringing his dark side into the light.

Well, I grabbed his hand, grabbed my guitar and my skateboard and said: “Let’s fight back!”, because that is what you need to do with bullies.  I was bullied, and I fought back for self defense. 

This conspiracy is more than self defense, is a fight for justice! Rirou’s story is just begging, however this chapter closes the category of Dad is a Punk and now is time to live my punkness with my songs, coffee with weed talk show, my skateboarding clips and being a full time Dad. Also keep going to Twitter and proking the Pope, actually the Roman catholic church because is not the actually Pope twitting.  They may think I am the bully, and if I am must be a reflection, becuse I learned with the best: an institution called Roman Catholic Church, because I was raised by their system now is time to rise against them.

I really wish my art one day some way, some how, could reach Larry David, you know Curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld. My entire conspiracy (art) is inspired in the episode where he opens a spite coffee shop, and you know, art is the enemy of Religion. My grandmother used to say that the only I did good was art, and she was right all along. I just didn’t fit in a box.



Ps: Mr incredible was the sticker on my first triathlon bike, and now he is real. Took over my guitar and skateboard.

Chapter 17: what you do for living?

The question everyone ask, but the question should actually be are you satisfied with the life you are living?

Thruth being said, I learned that what you do for living would determined you as how successful you are, in all aspects of life. Meaning you would be accepted and loved. I was so depressed that I believed until one day in 2013 I started to wake up. To be honest started in 2012 on my birthday when I received my first reiki sesson, however only really clicked in 2013 after I won my first race.

Truth is success is you being thruly satisfied with the life you are living. I mean mind, body and soul.  Is what I call exceeding, not winning or losing but exceeding. By all means is going above and beyond your traumas, fears and limitaions, and saying fuck you when is necessary.

So what I do for living? Well, I went back to school at 39 years old, the school of rock, just to make make high votage rock and roll for kids; and spreading the rock and roll train with my blog and youtube. For the body,  I am a skateboarded and yogi. For the soul I am a reiki master. All of these makes pretty much makes me a menace to society. And yeah, I did created a conspiracy agaisnt the Roman Catholic Church, is my fuck you, because is necessary. Am I satisfied with the life I am living? Fuck yeah! Is like living in love! What can I say? I am an earth rocker because some people are born to shake some foundations.



Chapter 15: Rock your heart out!

After those past few moons things really have shifted for me. It feels like I finally came into terms with my traumas and I completely shifted to a point that feels like a new life. Even my wife agrees, great sign of healing🤘🧡🤘.

This process was a huge step forward, and to be honest is like I am no longer caring a cross. The cross that I call fear, judgment, shame and guilt. With that happening I already had a purpose/meaning to do what I am doing, but now I was able to have clear goals like I haven’t had since my last ironman in 2016.

Truth is I already had the punk rock songs for kids idea and I was already doing, so I just needed to optimize (as you can see in the Mr Golden sun new video). Now I had the idea of doing covers, but I was not totally sure of what songs to do. I mean my list of favorite songs is huge and I was all over the place. Therefore once I went through this process, everything connected beautifully, so I thought what would be the equivalent of an rock and roll ironman?

AC/DC! Do full cover AC/DC songs, a one man band tribute to AC/DC would be the equivalent of a Rock and Roll Ironman for me. Besides I have a long story with AC/DC (my first album), my kids love it and Angus Young is by far my favorite guitar player in every way shape or form, specially his stage presence. Also, AC/DC is pure energy, something that can be totally related to Reiki.

So, let the practice begins and may the punk force be with me, after all; it’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll. But what it matter is the journey, so I gonna rock my heart out!



Chapter 14: New moon, Piece of Mind.

All the way up to this past new moon I was adjusting a lot of things, because the truth is I was filled with judgments of heaven,  fear and shame. 3 simple bad energies but they are strong enough to keep you in the dark. I say this because the truth is my belief system (what I learned as truth – matrix) lied to me my entire life. It was echoing in my mind this over and over again, like this:

-Skateboarding is a crime.
-Rock and roll is evil.
-Marijuana is bad medicine.
-My sense of fashion was bad.
-My attitude was bad.
-My food choice were bad.
-My connection was spiritual practices were witchcraft.

Yeah I was naive and believed that until I was 40 years old. They were all my love, and my love was bad, but isn’t love the best medicine? For years, I was confused but in 2012 things started to change and got super intense in 2020 and I became aware of those energies stringes that held me back and how they affected me.

After this new moon and a thunderstruck moment (ah-ha moment) in therapy, I am finally feel ready. So, in honor of the 38 years of Iron maiden Piece of mind (there is a very special connection in my book with this album me and Luke) album release this day may 16th 1983, I can say I am ready to give the Roman Catholic Church  a piece of my mind with Punkaste Witness, you know a bad religion to compete, and go on with my conspiracy of one with the Rock-it-ology Television, which is kind of a Blipi but Punk, teaching kids about skateboarding and rock and roll. I was already doing, but it’s much easier to do without fear, judments and shame. Meaning, out of the darkness and into the light where the energy flows intead of paralyzing you.

Punkaste, light honest and dignity with a sparkling of fuck you! I never wanted more than I could fit it my head. But this looks like a job for me, cause we need a little controversy, and I ready to go where eagles dare…



Chapter 13: Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all mother’s out there and in special to the mother of my kids.

First, I must acknowledge how hard it is to be a mom in the present days. I see it everyday! I mean, the mother’s energy is different than the father for obviously reasons, therefore their brain and physiology weired different, so to keep a balance is much much harder. My wife works from home and I see how hard it is, in between baby phisiological needs, work and how a mom energy (the soul) is wired is very hard work. Like they don’t have time to think! It’s very punk! I belive women are way stonger than men in so many ways!

Second, I am a stay home Dad and my brain is not wired like a mom, to look at details, and believe me is a lot! Specially when I have my days, the days I go back to my scared traumatized innerchild. Yeah, that does not make thinks easier for her, and for any other mom out there, cause you know… There are quite a few traumatized men out there because we were trained not to talk about our feelings. I know I wasn’t, and for me it’s a daily work, is getting better, however I must say, sometimes for her it must feels like that she has 3 kids! I can’t express how grateful I am, because now she can reconize my struggle and just say: go skateboarding or go for a drive with loud music, it’s an incredible! So on top of everything I have to reconize this is as another super power that she has.

Third, I believe we choose our parents, and I can assure Luke and Amber choose the perfect mom for their journey in this life! As of for me, I am just an lucky asshole the won in the life lottery, the lottery that has nothing to do with money and everything to do with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there, in special to the mother of my kids, you fucking rock! Honestly, you are modern day super hero, that is the only way to describe and only way to reconize all you do for our family. We love you!



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