Day 12 of 40 – What if I told you is not a midlife crisis.

Rirou woke up that Tuesday March 24th, and he started the day with Yoga and coffee. This is favorite way to wake up, however is not always possible cause Rirou goes to sleep late. Rirou is just like a night owl and he feels empowered under the moon, but it was not always like. A few years back Rirou was a professional triathlete that woke up daily at 5 am, and now, well now it’s a completely different story. Yes, Rirou turns 40 this year but this is not a midlife crisis.

Yesterday was a big break through for Rirou, not only because he did not have a case of the Mondays after all this years, but because something clicked. Rirou was finally at the core of the issue.

Rirou have been wanting to talk about mental health for awhile, since he has been a health coach and an athlete for a long time and he have seen how little we talk about mental/spiritual health. We are all obsess with perfect body and how we look outside, but we almost don’t talk about how we look inside. Yeah, our feelings. Rirou was a good example, and he was punk enough to believe he could talk about it, actually write about it.

The interesting part is that writing for Rirou has always been his weakness. Just to have an idea Rirou always end up in summer class when it came to writing. English was a bit easier, but still. However, writing was the only way Rirou could speak from the heart and that was another life irony. Rirou did the same thing when he decided to became a professional triathlete. He was 24 years old 260 pounds and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

The important thing is that now it was different, Rirou was making real changes at the core of the issue, and that was not a midlife crisis. That was real healing, or like Rirou like to call a rebirth, and this quarantine was helping Riou work deeper inside out. After all being a punk is about attitude, and that was one thing Rirou was good at it, facing his demons.

Feel Good,


Day 11 of 40 – Divine Intervention

Rirou woke up that Monday March 23rd feeling good, since Mondays are hard because it feels that the energy of the planet is heavy. He didn’t know why, maybe because 75%, or more, of the whole world hates Monday’s, or maybe was in his mind. Either was this time was different, Rirou felt good on a Monday.

The Monday went on as usual. Luke was restarting his therapies via tele-health, online school was going to start, and the new normal started to take place on a much slower pace, at least for now. However, Rirou was very surprised with the lack of a case of the Monday’s, maybe it was the lack of pajamas, or maybe he was really he was just Rising. The important thing is that he felt good.

Later on in the day, Rirou got the guitar and started jamming next to Luke and out of a sudden, like a divine intervention, a melody clicked and Luke open a big smile. When that happened felt like the time has stopped on a another big ass deja-vu. This was something Rirou was thinking about it for ages and now it seems like it was taking form.

Crazy how everything was starting to make sense for Rirou on a Monday. Rirou didn’t know if it was funny or ironic, however it really felt like a divine intervention telling him that he was in the right direction and that he should keep exploring that and fulfilling his destiny… To be continued.

Feel Good,


Today is Monday and Mondays we have the Case of the Mondays Episode. Today interview is with Keeana Martinez singer at Immigrants Child. Check it out here.

Day 10 of 40 – peaceful day

Rirou woke up that Sunday without pajamas went to the kitchen, and grab a cup of coffee as usual, however his was completely naked. He sat down in the sofa and started to have a conversation with his wife. But first, she looked at him and said “WTF is this”. Rirou replied, ” Didn’t you get the memo? I ditch the pajamas, and it’s called midlife crisis”.

Rirou started to explain, that was a metaphor. He was finally looking good naked but he was afraid of continue his project. As you may know, “fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering”. Rirou was no longer angry, but he still had fear. He was afraid of using his voice, that voice from the dream that nobody was listening. He needed to be “naked and not afraid”.

Around 3 o’clock that afternoon, he received a text message asking if he was going to the School of Rock online band meeting (The midlife crisis). Rirou had miss the email, due to the huge amount of emails. Because of the quarantine we now receive thousands of emails with sales online. Rirou jumped in the meeting within 2 seconds, after all his studio was finally organized and ready to rock. At the meeting they set up a project to work on until they can go back to playing together.

Rirou left the meeting with a big ass smile, and just for the record he had clothes on during the meeting. It’s incredible what music can do to Rirou and Luke, after all Luke loves to hear his Dad jamming in the garage. Rirou came out of the meeting with his guitar and started jamming next to Luke. Luke always ask Rirou to make the songs faster, so Rirou started to have ideas for his music project, meaning his “evil plot”…

Rirou’s favorite punk song as a kid, around 7ish years old…

Feel Good,


Day 9 of 40 – Ditching the pajamas

Saturday march 21th, Rirou woke up that day like just like another Saturday, he woke up slow. Well, now without school he was waking slow everyday. After all is has been 9 days of officially quarantine, but Rirou and his family were in quarantine for 16 days already. It has been 16 days in pajamas pretty much.

During the COVID-19 quarantine it became a normal thing to people go live on social media, talking about many different topics. Some lives, were awesome, other not so much. Rirou was not really into this but sometimes it was fun. After all, Rirou was getting some social media distancing and it was helping him.

Rirou went to watch a live, normally he did not participate, he just watched and for some reason he decided to ask a question. It was live about spirituality, energy and mind; something that Rirou loves. So, Rirou asked the question and due to his username the response was the same old story, a simple: “You got to be careful with Rock”, meaning the Rock (punk. metal etc) was a bad vibe. But for the first time in 40 years he did not get mad, in fact he laugh and thought the bullshit is everywhere.

Rirou finished the live, and he could not understand why people say that Rock is bad vibe? If spirituality is about inner peace and Rock gave Rirou inner peace, how could be bad? After all if it wasn’t for Rock Rirou would not even be there watching that live. Rirou have had suicidal thoughts in the past and Rock was the only thing that have helped him. Rock made him and his family happy.

That day Rirou reacted differently, like a rebirth from the matrix the red pill was working. Rirou was not angry anymore, and he took that as a sign. A sign that it was time to share the story and continue his plot, after all Rirou belived in being the change you wish to in the world. Rirou made huge progress in looking good naked, but that live made him no longer afraid… it was time to ditch the pajamas.

Feel Good,


Day 8 of 40 – It’s not like that

Day 8 of 40, Rirou woke up inspired because it was Friday and on Fridays Rirou have guitar class at the school of Rock where he attends pre-school. Well, that Friday march 20th Rirou was doing the his first online class. Rirou was super pumped, after all Rock and Roll saved his soul.

When Rirou decided to become a Dad he said to his wife “I do not want to pass my baggage to my kids”, since then Rirou has been working hard in his healing. Rirou did not want an angry or depress that, and he also wanted to make things differently. He wanted to be a present, happy and fun Dad. Rirou became a Dad of an incredible soul, extremely emphatic, with true super power: a smile that can melt the hardest heart.

Rirou and Luke share a very strong connection through music, that started very early when Rirou used to play his favorite songs to Luke in the belly and he would move like crazy, just like he does now when he listen to music now (Luke has an incredible rhythm) . During the pregnancy Rirou created an email for Luke where he wrote him a feel times, so Luke could read later on in life what was going on. All the emails contained something about music. After all, Rock touches Rirou’s soul in an incredible way, and having a child is probably the biggest spiritual experience someone can have.

Luke enjoying Rirou’s playing Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters.

Rirou got a guitar for his 36th birthday, from his wife and he made a goal of learning his favorite songs to play for Luke. He learned the first one before Luke was born and every time he practice Luke would move in the belly. One day right before Rirou’s 39th birthday he left the therapy session that day and stopped at the school of Rock and signed up for guitar lessons and adult band program. It’s not like Rirou wanted to be a rock star. He just wanted to be happy and that is what it means to be a Punk! Being a punk is a matter of “Looking good naked”, is the ability to feel good in own skin, and that requires a healthy mind, body and soul.

First song Rirou learned in the guitar.

Rirou knew it that if he didn’t look good naked, he could not teach Luke on how to look good naked either. Rirou always believed in leading by example something he learned being an athlete and coach for so many years. Also, studies claim that emphatic people are like humans lie detector, and Rirou did not wanted to lie to his kids. He is not that kind of man. Rirou being a athlete/coach learned a lot about mind (overcoming limits) and body health (nutrition), but now it was time to explore the side that was buried for years… It was time to get his soul healthy, It was time to feel good in his own skin, it was a time to be a Punk!

Feel Good,


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