Rocker Dad concept

Here is today’s video of how the whole Rocker Dad concept started after a big breakthrough in Rirou’s therapy session.

Remember to check it out Rirou’s very first Punk Rock song for kids!



But why?

Well, everybody that read this blog by now probably know why Rirou is doing all this, but here it is some action. By the way this video is Rirou’s second cover song.

This is a song by the Ramones, called “I don’t wanna grow up”. The song answer on of the reasons why, but you already knew that, so now it time for action!

1, 2, 3, 4….

“Damn it feels good to be a Punk!”

Rirou the Punk



Day 38 of 40 – Orgasmatron

Sunday April 18th, and Sunday is church day so Rirou is posting his first cover. Song orgasmatron from Motorhead, perfect song for a Sunday. This song was the song Rirou learned by himself before Luke was born. When he got the guitar he was so stoked to start playing that I made a goal of learning his first song before Luke was born. Now, when I started this COVID-420 Rirou’s goal was make my first cover by the end of the 40 days. Here is the video and below the lyrics! Song is not perfect, few mistakes but that is the best recording. One day he will remastered.

Oh!I am the one, Orgasmatron
The outstretched grasping hand
My image is of agony
My servants rape the land
Obsequious and arrogant
Clandestine and vain
Two thousands years of misery
Of torture in my name
Hypocrisy made paramount
Paranoia the law
My name is called religion
Sadistic, sacred whore

I twist the truth, I rule the world
My crown is called deceit
I am the emperor of lies
You grovel at my feet
I rob you and I slaughter you
Your downfall is my gain
And still you play the sycophant
And revel in your pain
And all my promises are lies
All my love is hate
I am the politician
And I decide your fate

I march before a martyred world
An army for the fight
I speak of great heroic days
Of victory and might
I hold a banner drenched in blood
I urge you to be brave
I lead you to your destiny
I lead you to your grave
Your bones will build my palaces
Your eyes will stud my crown
For I am Mars, the God of War
And I will cut you down

Feel Good,


Day 26 of 40 – Who made who?

Who made who? That is the question that nobody can answer, and on the day 26 of Rirou’s COVID-19 isolation, he was contemplating about that question. After all the collective matrix was going to an existential crisis due to the corona virus, well that is what seems like it. Maybe was just Rirou, but anyways if everything happens for a reason it must be have a reason why a Punk was born.

Rirou didn’t know who made who, well nobody really knows, but he knew one thing: how he felt, and rock was the number #1 that made him feel good. However, hidden forces were trying to say that was wrong.

When Rirou was about 12 years old, the Pope prohibit Iron Maiden to play in Chile and Rirou got mad and called the pope an asshole and got in trouble. Later on when Rirou was about 15 he went his Religious teacher (he studied in a Catholic School) and asked him why he felt more connect when he was surfing or skateboarding and not when I was at Church (we were obligated to attend mass in school). His answers was: “I think you are smoking too much weed!” Rirou was shocked! First because he haven’t even tried marijuana on that time, and second he was just looking for comfort for the emotional issues that I was dealing with. Not satisfied the asshole, I mean the “priest” added: “You are most likely going to hell with your music taste!”. Yeah, he said that for a 15 year old kid. After that day the power of irreverence just grew on Rirou.

Rirou always loved to contemplate about life he was contemplating a lot during this period, and he likes to contemplate during his walks with Bolt. Rirou takes the dog out for a walk daily around 4:20, and walks around listening to the birds and looking up to the sky. During that day Rirou realized that rock-it-ology needed some commandments.

Yes, it was 4:20 and no Rirou was not burning the bush during his walk. Yeah, Colorado is legal but people just don’t walk around smoking weed on the streets, and no Rirou did not find a talking bush. However, those walks in the afternoon align with the silence in the streets Rirou was having great insights. That day Rirou stopped and looked at the sky and had an insight. He finally figure it out the commandments.

Rirou is fascinated with numbers, after all he was sure that we lived in a matrix. Now everything made sense since he had found the 3 spiritual laws, and now he figured it out the 7 commandments. The funny thing is that in numerology the number 3 means: Energy of kindness, creativity and joy; and the number 7 remind us that the answers to all questions is in our DNA.

Rirou’s mind just blew it, so he rushed home and wrote in down before the 7 commandments before he forgets, and here they are:

  • Thou shalt not be an asshole
  • Always look at the bright side of life
  • Inclusion is not rocket science
  • Thou shalt face your demons
  • Thou shalt not judge
  • Unfashion thyself
  • Thou shalt eat and train like you give a f*ck

To be continued….

Day 22 of 40 – The dream of mirrors

Rirou woke up that Friday April 3rd, two days after therapy day on Wednesday. That Wednesday was another big break through, and he was finally understanding the matrix. That Wednesday Rirou asked again to hear his diagnose again and this time was a lot more detailed; and that is when I light bulb when on and Rirou said “Oh that is why I am so fucked up!”. Rirou was able to see why and what triggers him, and that is when he realized the dream his old dream was true.

Rirou was at this concert. His favorite one!

Rirou knew that life it about how you feel, and that wisdom only grew after Luke was born. When Luke was born Rirou first thought was “How am I going to teach him to accept himself, if I haven’t fully accepted myself?”. Remember in the begging of the story that Rirou said empaths are like human lie detectors? Yeah, Luke is extremely emphatic and he would know if Rirou was telling the truth or not.

Back in 2018 Rirou ran to the hills he started a project to reconnect with his Soul. The project was called “I am connect” and during the project he realized the more empowered he felt the more empowered Luke felt. After all they have a super strong connection. Rirou knew he needed to do something, and now he knew why and what triggered him to become an angry man inside.

Rirou knew the evil that man did and he knew it he couldn’t let the story repeat itself, not with his kids (Rirou wants a second one). Well, that day was a Friday and Friday’s is Rirou’s pre school classes at School of Rock. That day Rirou presented his first kids Punk song. That was Rirou’s master plan, get all the classic kids songs and made a punk version! In English and Portuguese because Rirou is an Amerioca, the mix of carioca (how we call people born in Rio de Janeiro), and US Citizen.

Rirou wanted to punk the world by creating a rock and roll train of little punk kids, starting with his own kids. After all the meaning of life is to FEEL GOOD and Rirou felt good doing that, and the only thing he could do is to follow the punk force (his joy).

The dream is true and Rirou knew he needed to follow the prophecy, he knew he is punk enough to do so, and he knew that Luke is the chosen one. After all Luke is the one with super powers a power never seem before, Luke can turn on the love in people.

The punk has returned and now they are finally united and ready to punk the world. Together they are the star punks with the power to thunderstruck people with unconditional love.

Feel Good,


He has risen

After 40 days of isolation he has risen… the story is about this hero, well not actually a “hero”, but a “Rirou”. That was his nickname and when pronounced in Portuguese sounds exactly like hero. Rirou has always had a weird black and white dream that he was little, and everything around him was getting bigger and bigger, he would scream but nobody would listen. It felt like he was losing his soul in the dream. This dream kept reoccurring in his life, to a point he was afraid to sleep and dream that dream again.

On a Monday somewhere back in 2013 Rirou was already 33 years old and he was having another case of the Mondays. Like most Mondays, he got in the room for another therapy session.

This time was different. This time Rirou sat down and said to the therapist: “- Well, today you are going to talk. Can you please tell me my diagnosis?” All this year in therapy Rirou have never asked that question, because he was afraid. The therapist said: “ – Sure but can you tell me why?” He just replied: “- Nothing is real until you feel it, and in order to feel I need to hear it. I need to know that I am not crazy, and I need to know why the f*** I am back in the same f*** place as before” as he started to cry. That was the first time Rirou cried in therapy. After 10 minutes of intensive crying Rirou look to the therapist and said “The dream is true, I need my soul back. I want the red pill. I need to save me from myself”.

As the years went by Rirou was little by little reconnecting with his soul through writing, and when his son came along everything started to get more clear, after all Rirou always heard, when you become a parent you will understand. He got fully reunited with his soul, but he still didn’t understand. Well, he did understand, it wasn’t the way he was told. In fact, was the complete opposite.

One day while writing Rirou had an idea of creating a Religion out of spite. However, out of spite was not really Rirou cup of tea, after all he tries hard not to be an asshole; but the idea of creating a religion was very inspiring for him. So, he took the story of his life and made an “evil” plot to Punk the world.

Rirou had all figure it out, I mean his visions, his deja-vu, his signs, everything fitted like a beautiful puzzle. He was finally looking/feeling good naked, (Looking good naked is a matter of mind, body and soul) but he was still paralyzed due to his emotional issues. Yes, Rirou is a procrastinator. Well procrastination it is a side effect of depression, and part of Rirou’s depression is because he is a “sinner”, and now 7 years later after he took the red pill it all made sense.

Rirou had decided that 2020 was time for healing and started pretty well, but on March, Friday the 13th (Friday 13th has always been Rirou lucky day) the world went insane in the brain with the corona virus bringing a global existential crisis. The reality is that the global crisis has started way before that, but that day was when USA declared state of emergency and we all got in quarantine to avoid spreading the virus.

“God gave man the truth, the devil came along and said: “let me organize for you”

East Indian proverb
The “devil” whispering!

Rirou went on isolation, during this period the “devil” came along and whispered let’s organize your visions and take it to action. On day 40, the rocker that has risen, but there was a glitch in the matrix, the rocker dad is not a hero. That is ok, since his friends always sang to him, “we don’t need another hero”, and they were right, we don’t another hero, we need a punk. Now the punk is awake, the plot is organized, and he is naked and not afraid.

Now the story can be told….

Feel Good!


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