Fuel the Punk Force!

Our mission: Punk the world!

First goal is to raise awareness for nemaline myopathy through inclusion. Yes, I believe in research however I don’t think Luke needs to be “cure”. For me kids like Luke needs inclusion more than anything, meaning they need to be seen as a kid. We all got challenges; the only difference is that Luke’s challenge is visible. Therefore, for me inclusion is the most important thing to talk about it.  

Second goal is to talk about mental health, especially about feelings and in order to talk about that we cannot take spirituality out of the equation. With mental health also comes the talk about diet.

Third goal is to talk about fatherhood in general. When we were in the NICU I saw a lot of support for moms, and not a lot for Dads.

Rock-it-ology operates under “the go Luke Wygand Foundation, INC” and is fueled by coffee and t-shirts. If this message inspire you please considered getting some of our cool t-shirts of simply leaving getting Rirou a coffee, with a promise that once the cup is full we will donate for nemaline myopathy research and mental health at the end of the year, and we post on how much and where the profits go.



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