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This "Religion" is fueled by coffee, t-shirts, and e-Books. Considered getting Rirou a coffee if you truly love this message. Once the cup over flows we donate the profits to mental health and nemaline myopathy research.



Esta religião é alimentada por café, camisetas e e-books. Considere comprar um café para Rirou, se você realmente amou esta mensagem. Depois que a xícara flui, doamos os lucros à saúde mental e à pesquisa de miopatia por nemaline.


Why 666? Well is simple: In numerology we add all numbers, so in this case in 6+6+6= 18, which is 1+8=9. The add of the numbers of Rirou’s birthday is also 9, and the life path of the number 9 is:

Therefore 666 for me is life, plus 666 the number of the beast is the best song ever created.



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