Open letter to the Pope

Dear Pope,

This letter is more for the Pope John Paul II, however he is dead now, so the new Pope can answer if he wants, after all he does represents the same institution. This letter is in form of art, since I used fragments of punk songs to get my message. After all, is just a punk rock song made it for the people that see something is wrong. The truth is Religion is child abuse, because I was terrified for years, 40 to be honest, and the kids aren’t alright, they are being abused.

That is why I am here calling an inner child revolution so we can all reclaim our joy, our birth right, by doing what we want. In order to do that we must unlearn what we have learned, because everybody knows what is best for you, but no it isn’t Jesus take a look at your peers, they are all looking down on you because they “know” what is best for you.

All these years in fear I learned that sometimes the easiest think to say is Fuck you, so in order to go over the trauma I had to say fuck you. I got angry for so many years, that now I want to conquer the world so I created a brand new Religion. A Religion with a mission, cause I am a Dad on a mission, and on a mission I made my decision of self- destruction. My Religion mission is to destroy Religion itself. Religion is like asshole, we all got one inside of us, meaning we are all assholes in one way or the other. And I know if you and I are in the same room, I know I won’t be the only asshole in the room. And, no, I don’t want your handshake, cause handshakes are a subtle fuck you.

Yes, I know you are a Religious authority, but I am a punk and I say Fuck authority. What I want is quite simple:

  • An open apology for all rock and roll lovers.
  • My money back form all my sessions and wasted years.
  • Say that Rirou is the greatest punk.

I know spirituality is part of life, because you can’t be healthy putting the soul out side of the equation. I know that! The solution? We need something new, learn how to trust our feelings and inner talk. We need to stop and listen, that includes you Dear Pope, and Rock and roll ain’t no crime. I think is time for Religion to do some shadow work, and like Slayer said Payback is a bitch!

Meaning while I keep running a dream, because I am a joker (fool) and I believe in love, and love is inclusive (drawing the line at pedophilia, that is evil, but you already knew that, right?), and inclusion is not rocket science.  Is Punk science. 

I am Rirou the Punk, and punk is not dead. Punk is Dad, and I am a Dad on a mission and I am a walking contradiction. So Dear Pope, hell awaits you! Hell ain’t a bad place, I been there for 33 years and there Ain’t no fucking hero, you have to be your own hero!

I forgave you, but that does not mean I am not fighting back! I am raising an army of punks, cause you know, I was born to raise hell!



ps: Relax is just me expressing myself.

ps 1: Each bold word/sentence is related to a song that inspired me to write this letter.

ps 2: Feel free to share so I can give religion a case of the mondays.

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