Depression Theory

After years in of conventional and non-convention I end up creating the theory of depression. Based on my existence.

VersΓ£o brasileira Herbert Richers.



Yesterday I received the book that have been waiting for: The secret history of Rock and Roll. . Right from the get go the book confirmed that my philosophical approach to life/spirituality is not crazy at ALL! . Needless to say that just feul my firepower (Judad Priest): “Aim for the target With laser and lights Releasing the trigger Puts victory in sight No time to pray or ask forgiveness Those blessed souls are now deceased There is no sense in this contrition With open arms we fight for peace”

The first time I did this trick was on the day I flunked 2nd grade, somewhere back in 1988. Yeah, was that bad that I flunked 2nd grade 🀣.Β  . Today I came in determined to do it again at 40 (almost 41), and I made it! πŸ€˜πŸ§‘🀘

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