I was thinking on how to market my book and since I like things real so I had the idea of doing live! There are few lives coming up with people made part of the story and/or subjects realted to the book! The lives will be either portuguese or English. Here is this week’s schedule.

I am Darth Rirou! The worst thing you can do with a kid is to ground him, instead of talking and listening to what he has to say.  Because the kid will most likely spend the whole time seeking ways to bring his hate in life. Many turns the hate inside and I was able to escape that with a lot of therapies, convetional and non conventional therapies. My trauma was existential and I was sent to a cold cell for 33 years. Yes all this time I was seeking is how bring my hate in life, using what Ironman thought me; which is how to use anger into achieve great things. Now is time to repeat what was echoing in my mind all this time, because I spent too much time inside of my head watching the abuser every move, like a falling angel. I never killed myself to save my soul, something I learned with rock and roll. Skateboarding and weed helped me reconnect with my soul. Now, I created a whole philosophy just to fight back. Yes, in this philosophy there is a prophecy, there are ritual, there are theories, and there is a method to the madness. I was never the hero and I  was just born to fight. Now I am ready to show you what I know all this time. You may say I am the devil, I wouldn’t say no. But here on the dark side, but hey on with the show! Finally recording my philosophy videos! Coming soon to Punkaste TV. 

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