Day 16 of 40 – Paving the highway to hell

Rirou woke up that Saturday March 28th went to do his coffee completely naked. He waited quietly, got a cup sat down and started to talk to his wife. Well, he probably talked to her before, but his brain only kicks in after the coffee. He was not really sure about how he felt, but he knew this time was different.

Rirou learned like many not to show how they felt, after all he was told that boys didn’t cry. He even jokes with Luke’s teachers that going to preschool with Luke was helping him learn about his feelings. Well, is true he was learning a lot.  Going to preschool and therapy Rirou was finding out why certain things were dragging him down and how he felt. He always believed that life is how you feel, but everything else said the contrary. So, Rirou decided to walk in contradiction.

Back in 2015 the therapist asked Rirou what he really wanted, and without hesitation he said: “I want to change the world”, that was another life metaphor, because Rirou wanted to change his world. He is crazy but not that crazy to think he could change the world. He just wanted to explore a different side of him, and life coaching was not it.

Rirou created a Religion to talk about life, initially thinking about life coaching. However, Rirou knew that he was the opposite of most life coaches there, and that was not really him. Rirou finally changed his world, and he was finally paving his highway to hell. It was time to leave his mark…

Rirou’s favorite song of all times!

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