Day 30 of 40 – Thou shalt face your demons

Thou shalt face your demons is Rirou’s favorite punk rule, and in fact that was Rirou’s true essence of his coaching back in the days. That is what made him a good coach.

After Luke was born Rirou indeed wanted to share his coaching but Rirou is different, he likes to keep it real. Which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Rirou always said to his athlete before an ironman: “You will face all your demons during the race”, yes an odd thing to say, especially before a race like an ironman. However, that is the truth, an ironman is a race that can take from 8 to 17 hours, and that leaves you 8 to 17 hours with just you and your thoughts. So, by all means you will face your demons.

Every time Rirou have one of those WTF moments in therapy he says “oh shit, that is so fucked up” and they laugh. If you ever been to therapy you know most therapist don’t laugh, but with Rirou was always different. He made made her laugh because he saw how ironic it was that he was trapped in him own matrix. Those ironies of life made him laugh, and that week Rirou had another WTF moment. He was getting ready to face his biggest demons.

The COVID-420, a 40 day full introspection was preparing him to face his biggest demons. Rirou had face many of his demons during his 18 ironmans, but not he was getting to the bottom on how he felt all this time.

The shit is deep, and the reality is you can’t run away otherwise the shit gets deeper. You have to face it. We all have our sets of demons, and the secret for happiness is to face them. That is the 4th punk rule!

Feel Good,


Day 15 of 40 – Brave new world

Rirou woke up that Friday March 27th in a new world, at least for him. Seems like Rirou have finally changed, and he was entering in his new world. His matrix was collapsing and that was only day 15 of his “walk through the desert”, the COVID-19 desert.

Rirou’s favorite concert – Iron Maiden Rock and Rio III 2001- Rirou was there!

After Luke was born Rirou was already in a midlife crisis, which is not a crisis, but the truth is Rirou was sick of triathlon. He loved the sport, but he have had enough and his soul was screaming for a change. People kept telling that he should be life coach, write a book, and make one of those all in one programs like Tony Robbins and shit like that. Even though Rirou like to read that stuff and uses some of “new age” tools he was not a “hero” neither he had a magical formula. Honestly, if you ever seem the ads for life coaching you will understand what Rirou is talking about. It’s perfect people, with a perfect magic formula that will give you an 6 figure income while you sleep, or perfect body by following the “magical formula”. Rirou knew it that life was not like that; for him life is about the good, the bad and the ugly. He knew from coaching experience that everyone is different and unique, so why create a product like that? If he did not believe, of course it would not work.

Now, that Rirou was reconnected with his soul, and he knew it that was not the way to go. Since a very young age Rirou knew it that the world did not need a another hero, another perfect people. The world need more punks, more real people, more people feeling good about themselves. Like Rirou always says: “Nothing is real until you feel it”, and life is about how you feel. Rirou is empowering himself by learning the guitar and how to sing, he is empowering his inner child. That means he has to be a beginner again.

On 02/20/2020 Rirou sang for the first time ever, he knew it sucked, after all he knew the song since he was 15 years old. But singing and playing felt so good that Rirou did not care, he was happy doing it and he wanted to punk the world. As a former triathlete he knew it that a goal without a plan was just a wish, and what could be more punk than writing his own Religion? That day was not a set back, that day was a new world for Rirou, that day the punk was back at work (Ironic, right? a punk at work). He just needed

Anyways, here it is Rirou singing for the first time. The jokes are good, the guitar is bad, and the singing is ugly. However, that made Rirou happy.

Probably the worst cover of Kurt Cobain.

Feel good,


Day 13 of 40 – That time of the month again

Rirou woke up that Wednesday March 25th a little off. He woke a little bit behind and started to rush to catch up getting Luke ready for the day. But also, Rirou was still tired, not physically but mentally. Depression sometimes feels like is 2 steps forward one step back, and working on it makes you tired.

Sometimes it takes one small thing to trigger the bomb in Rirou’s head. The biggest issue is when self doubt hits and that feels like everything just freeze and thinking clear becomes nearly impossible. When that happens and you add fatigue to it’s like a bomb just exploded. Hopefully is a different bomb, with a different lesson so you can keep moving forward. Sometimes, is the same bomb and that is a different feeling, because is a feeling that you are stuck.

Rirou like to call those bombs as releasing the demons inside of his head, and the only way to move forward is facing them, otherwise they get too big they will take you down, and that is a place you never want to go back. It’s like racing an ironman; you have to face the pain in order to finish the race otherwise you end up quitting, and that is not a good feeling at all, and that is a place you don’t want to go back either. Quitting never feels good. So, this time was the same bomb again. Yes it sucks, but this bomb that has been exploding for awhile in Rirou’s head. It’s an enormous bomb the biggest he have ever seen. This is the bomb that holds the matrix together, but on the bright side, that bomb is getting much smaller and a lot less intense.

On top of that, it was that time of the month again. Rirou was 1 week from another therapy session, so he was with PTW (Pre therapy week, male version of PMS). Although, this time the feeling was different, very different…

Feel Good,


Day 3 of 40 – A normal Saturday

Saturday march 14th Rirou woke up slow like he does every Saturday, with a small difference, his wife did not have to work that Saturday due to the Corona Virus. The rest was like a normal Saturday, however the definition of normal can go very far.

Rirou is a stay home Dad and Saturday is the first day off the week that he does not have to rush. So, Rirou usually have breakfast in bed with his son Luke, normally his favorite scramble eggs and bacon. Since both have a strong connection specially thru music the first part of the day starts with lots of music and laughs. The morning play list is a little smooth with a good mix of Sublime, Incubus, Toddler music and Luke’s favorites Insane in the brain, Jump around and thunderstruck.

Around 12 o’clock, yeah they really wake up slow on Saturday, they move to the play room. Life on planet earth can be pretty fast, well at least before COVID-19, after this pandemic might be different or not. Anyways, Luke goes to work, and as a kid his job is to play. Rirou goes to clean the house, witch is pretty much play time for Rirou. He puts the famous Looking good Naked punk playlist that consist in: The off spring, pennywise, Foo fighters, Rancid, Sex pistols, Social distortion and green day. Luke as a good little punk ask for the music loud while they play (click here for the playlist) During that period there is a lot of air guitar, air drums, the broom becomes a microphone and a guitar, cleaning bottle becomes weapons and there is a lot of ass shaking, and sometimes mooning. Yeah, Rirou became the king of mooning since 1997 when he skipped school to skateboard, and went by the school and told his friends to look at the window, and when they did Rirou moon the whole school on the top of the skateboard. No one has ever done that!

After cleaning the house Rirou usually shower and finally takes of the pajamas to go to the park. Since they were in quarantine going to the park was not possible, so Rirou made a dream come true: He shower and put back a new set of pajamas. For the first time he was able to use pajamas all day long. He was not going anywhere, no human contact besides family, and that was like a dream.

Around 4 o’clock was time for the second meal. Rirou usually eats a snack and a meal, except saturday’s where usually there are 2 meals and a cake. Usually Rirou start cooking after the park. Well, Rirou does not call it cooking, he called making love with food, kinda of creppy but Rirou believes food and house are sacred and must be made/organized with love.

By that time is 6 o’clock and Luke jump in the ipad for 90 minutes and Rirou and his with enjoy Curb your enthusiasm while Luke enjoy his cartoons. After that is time bath and bed time for Luke where they dance to Jah music. Rirou close the day performing Reiki on the family, and after that Rirou goes writting and play the guitar. Rirou sleeps late and he loves to write under the moon in his patio…. and that is a normal Saturday form them….Pretty peaceful day, and its always better when they are all together.

This is the music from Rirou weeding.

Feel Good,


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