Judas be my guide

Song from Fear of the Dark album. One of my favorites from that album.


Darth Rirou

ps: Tonight at 6pm MT the NOT so fashion talk show with Renee McKenna.

Solstice Rituals

I actually did those rituals on my back in 2004 on my second transformation. I also did them in 2020 on my 3rd and biggest innerchild revolution.

Versão brasileira Herbert Richers.



The Celebration of the biggest air of a life time is a bit different; is knocking stuff out 🤣. That was not only my biggest air in the bowl celebration, but also a celebration of my first interview about my book touching the main subject: Depression! Felt good to finally talk about it; and that is a real air when it comes to depression. You know depression sometimes feels you are being sufocated. The skate air is a metaphor as well as my singing.

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