Day 4 of 40 – Missing church.

Sunday March 15th Rirou woke up and realized he would not be going to church that Sunday. Rirou every Sunday goes for rehearsal with his band, The Midlife Crisis. at the School of Rock Bloomfield. Well, due to corona virus they won’t be playing, and since Rock-it-ology is Rirou’s religion. He will have to miss church for the first time in almost one year.

You see Rirou have a long story with Religion, and one day out of spite he decided that he was going to create one, and he did. And he was thinking which position he would be. Meaning, he couldn’t play Jesus cause he is no Jedi. He could not be a priest because, because he is not that kind of man (you know what I mean). He could not be a Pope because he is not an asshole. All we know is, Rirou watches the world from the dark side of the moon and his history with Religion began long ago…

Somewhere way back in time, when Rirou was about 12 years old, the pope prohibit Iron Maiden from playing in Chile claiming they were satanic. Iron Maiden is Rirou’s favorite band, their music were like a symphony from God for Rirou. When Rirou saw that new on the TV news, he stood up and screamed: “Fucking asshole”. Well, Rirou got in trouble, and he did not understand why, because that Pope was an asshole. Plus he didn’t know why something that brings joy to people was considered evil? That made him mad, and when he got mad he cried. But he was told that boys couldn’t cry, and he needed swallow. He was angry and he couldn’t say it. You know what happens when don’t talk about your feelings and you numb them? Well, that is the perfect recipe for depression.

After, Luke was born Rirou process of reconnecting with his soul, that started in 2013, was speeding up exponentially. It was like his like his life was finally making sense, and his super powers were coming back. The punk was returning, and now he wants to leave his mark.

2020 came along and Rirou have a master plan set up, but he was not ready until that Sunday, that he missed church and went skateboarding in the parking lot. After the skate session a cold shower and a new set of pajamas, Rirou and his wife watched another episode of curb your enthusiasm, after Luke went to bed. On that episode Larry David open a coffee shop out of spite. Well, Rirou got inspired by Larry David and decided to get decide to work in his master plan to Punk the world.

and just like that Rirou’s “evil plot has just started. Rirou was not angry anymore, he was healing. To be continue…

A case of the Monday’s episode 1

One of the things Rirou created in his Religion is a space for artist around the globe, with the Case of the mondays episodes with an interview. The first one is Emilie Pnkmondon, an online radio punk show host. Check her interview: Click Here.

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