Radio Rejects – 2

Rock-it-ology: Hey Josh, it’s been a while since our last interview, tell us what you been up to?

G’day! Since the last time we had a chin wag, we’ve been busy writing new songs for the album aswell as having a ball making some fun clips. Of course COVID made alot of band activity hard, and having Mik our guitarist live at the other end of the country, it was hard to get alot done but somehow we made it work

Rock-it-ology: How many songs radio reject have it out? 

At the present time we have 5 singles out on all streaming platforms

Where you can find them? 

Places like Spotify, YouTube music, Google Music, apple music and some of the smaller sites people dig

Rock-it-ology: Now, why you decided to play punk rock? 

I was a late bloomer. I actually didn’t start music til after high school , I failed music all through school. Then one day picked up a mates bass and started playing stuff that sounded good.

Couple of years down the track I’d self taught myself bass, guitar, drums and keyboard all by ear haha

Playing gigs always takes me to my happy place haha

Rock-it-ology: I read in an interview that you did, that you started this whole thing because you were bullied, is that right? Can you explain more about it? 

I was bullied alot as a kid. Kids can be cruel. Even though I was bigger than most kids I would sit there and take it as I just wanted to have friends. It got to a point where I “grew” my own little persona of not giving a fuck anymore. Ironically enough this made me come off as stubborn and arrogant, when really I was shy and didn’t know how to interact with people.

This was the basis of the song “Monster’s” that we released.

Rock-it-ology: Who makes your awesome videos? 

Haha thanks, Ive made the last couple with more in the works. I’ve always wanted to write and make movies. I bought a camera and gave it a go. I love doing It and hope to help more bands out there get theirs done too 

Rock-it-ology: How can people support your band? Anything you like to add? 

We are on all the main social medias like Facebook and Instagram.

We are proud of what we do and like I’ve always said if I can get 1 person leaving a show with a tune id written stuck in their head, then my job is done!

To truly support the band you can go to our Bandcamp where all the money people pay actually comes to us ..

Our past record label has yet to swing a single cent our way, pushing us to leave and go our own path!

Thanks for the chat and we love the passion you have for you , the music and your family brother!

Check out their new song!

Interview with Emilie Pnkmondom

Rock-it-ology: What is your show about?

It’s a punk rock radio show in Québec city, on CHYZ 94,3 FM.  Every week, i’m playing old and new punk rock, ska and Punk hardcore bands. Half of my show is dedicated to DIY bands from all around the world that i discover on social medias. 

 I also play a lot of my listeners’s requests when they call me on air or when they are watching my Facebook live! My relationship with the listeners is amaaaaazing! They are so passionate, respectful, funny and nice! We talk a lot about music together! It’s very nice cause they could just listen to whatever they want on their own but they still want to share their passion with me! I could not be more grateful! 

Rock-it-ology: How long have you been doing the show?

15 years! Since 2004! Omg i’m so old haha! 

Rock-it-ology:  why you started the show?

I started the show because i knew i loved punk rock, but i did not know many bands at this time. So i took the time to really do some researches and i really learned a lot about punk rock! I also started the show because i wanted to play some Québec local bands. It’s always been very important for me to promote my own local scene. 

Rock-it-ology: What are your favorite bands (top 5)?

That’s a hard question because it changes all the time. Today, it would be :                                                                                                       1) A wilhelm scream: i’m a huge fan of fast and technical punk rock. That band brought me into that kind of music. 

2) No use for a name : it’s probably THE band that really made me love punk rock. I absolutly love all tthe songs! Tony Sly was a genius! 

3) Descendents : I took the time to dig into that band only a few years ago and now, i’m totally addicted. I love their very simple, immature (in a good way) and very authentic lyrics. I want to write songs like that. 

4) Much the same :  i love that band because of the fast and technical stuff but also for Chris’s AMAZING voice. He’s one of the best singer in the world, in my opinion. Their lyrics get me emotive! 

5) Propagandhi : Because of their BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT lyrics and their new powerful loud sound! Those riffs, man! That band opened my eyes on so many important topics. 

Rock-it-ology: Top 5 songs of all times?

Same as the above, it could change every day. 

1) Nofx – the Decline : It’s a chef d’oeuvre! What a brilliant song! The lyrics are still so accurate, unfortunatly. 

2) Propagandhi – Potemkin city limits: that song makes me cry every time i listen to it! It’s the true story about a pig that escaped from a truck going to the slaughterhouse. 

3) No use for a name – invincible: it’s one of the first songs i sang with my dear friend and bandmate Simon when we started our acoustic covers band 50 shades of punk rock, 7 years ago! So it’s a lot of great memories and i love Tony Sly’s vocal melody on it.

4) Moneen – The day no one needed to know. Mannnn, that song is just perfect. I always listen to that song when i’m on a plane at the take off. Cause i’m VERY VERY VERY anxious on planes. This song calms me instantanly. And i loooove its complexity, the transitions, the bass. Damn, i should have put that band in my top 5, above hahaha! 

5) A wilhelm scream – Hairy Scarecrow. Ok. The end of that song is so EARgasmic. Sometimes, i listen to that song like 15 times in a row! 🤭

Rock-it-ology: What touches your soul?

I’m an extreme sensitive and empathic (but also very happy) woman so… Almost everything!

Everything about humans and animals suffering touches my soul in a bad way (i need to protect myself sometimes cause it hurts a lot to think about that) , but people who dedicate their lives to help them touches my soul in an amazing way! 

What you’re doing for your son touches my soul a lot, for example. 

Rock-it-ology: What change you would like to see in the world?

A lot of things but i wish we could learn to be truly touched by people’s reality. I wish we could try to understand each other instead of always judging and fighting. We live in a very hard era of extreme individuality. We should put our phones away for a while and really talk together! 

I think that if we could globaly have that new mindset, a lot of problem could be solved (sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, violence, etc)… 

Rock-it-ology: an example on how not to be an asshole?

“Try not to compare women with each other”

People can reach out to Emilie on instagram : @punk_roquette or on my radio show’s Facebook page :

I also do interviews with Québec local scene bands! That’s a lot of fun! 

I’m also currenttly working on a new podcast! I’m going to speak english on it (i’m a french canadian so it’s a challenge for me haha). I want to put it online in early 2020! 

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