The illusivefish-interview

Name: Nick Hunter

Band name: Theillusivefish 

Is that a meaning to the band name? 

The name is a username I created when I was 12 (20 years ago), I’ve used it in various forms over the years and my Instagram was one of them when I set it up. It’s a combination of me trying to be cool and trying to own the fact some of the kids at school called me “fish lips” 

How long have you been playing?

 I first picked up a bass when I was about 12/13 


What music means to you? 

Freedom and a way to send a message and connect with people, and just a way to have a damn good time.


In one of the songs you say is something that I need to do, is that a meaning to that? Like a purpose? 

I’ve never really been able to get away from the fact that fundamentally I want to be a gigging and touring musician playing my own songs. It’s like this thing inside me I have to feed. I can’t not do this. I also want to use my music as a platform to support others and bring other artists up of I ever get that far, give other musicians the opportunities I wish I could have now. For example, if I’m ever able to do a headline tour I would want the opening act to be an unheard band I’ve come across and like to put them in front of as many people as possible.


What are some of your favorite bands that have most influence in your songs? 

I like a lot of bands and artists but if I had to make a short list, Jamie Lenman, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Nirvana, system of a down, David Bowie. 

What touches your soul?

Other showing others kindness and wanting nothing for it. Be it to/from animals or people.

Where can we find your songs? 

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music.


Anything you would like to add? 

I have a gig in London 23rd sept, details on my Instagram and various other social media platforms! Also looking for any gigs in London/kent/East Sussex areas! 

The clansman

Another great iron maiden song with a horrible guitar intro cover. Song from virtual XI album. I don’t know about you guys but I love the Blaze era.


Darth Rirou

Chapter 3: Love Rocks!

I am Rirou the Punk, and I declare December 21st 2020, The Official Punkaste Day!

During this 4 years and 6 month since Luke was born, I confirmed what I already knew it: The way out of depression is with joy and purpose. 2020 is the year where I turned 40 and also the year I connected the dots in my life, marking this a rebirth. I picked this day for many reasons, but mainly is that I was in Brazil on the winter solstice the darkest day of the year. Therefore it makes sense to do this on the darkest day of the year the place I made my home. Well, this time is the darkest day of the year but with a huge light in the sky! Coincidence?

Sarcasm apart, I did connect the dots in 2020. After, I went to that full moon drum circle where I heard about the my possible mediumship, I finally started to talk more about that in my therapy sessions. That is when my therapist told me to go talk to her friend, Leslie the Good Witch. This is when things started to get interesting. So, I went to see her and we talk over 1 hour between tarot cards, astral maps and singing bowls. After the session she gave me a copy of The Celestine Prophecy book, and said “I was guided to give this book to you”. Anyways, life got crazy and I didn’t read the book until 2020 happened.

The other day the book pop up in my mind when I was passing by the office. I mean, it caught my attention and that same day I was talking to a childhood friend, and famous psychiatrist in Brazil, about religion and spirituality. That day I explained to him what I felt in my meditations, so it was a deep conversation. 2 days later YouTube suggested me The Celestine prophecy, so I thought “I guess is time to either read or watch the movie.” Well, I pressed play and boy, the movie is exactly the feeling I described to my friend. That feeling is the same one I get with music.

Now to add to it, in one of my talks with Leslie in 2020 she told me, “I am pretty sure you are an indigo child“. Well, I knew that since 2012, so she just confirmed me. Some people claim that indigo children have a collective purpose as well as personal one. Since I have always being attracted to this exoteric world, so it was super easy to go look it up indigo child purpose on the internet. I found a few things, including exercises that helps connect the dots, and that is when I found my joy, purpose and talents. Well, one of my talents is transform kids songs into punk rock songs which leads me to the mission of building an army of punk rockers. Divine intervention?

Genius or Insane I still don’t know, all I know all this stuff really happened and made my life make sense. Also, I was born with an artistic mind. Both of them explains my sensitivity in different ways. All I know is that I have tremendous joy in listening and doing music, that is how my love comes out. I also know that when I do that I can spread that love to my family being a present husband and Dad… and Nothing Else really Matters after that! Well, it actually does matter because Love is contagious and Love rocks, and I believe in Love!

I feel like a villain, like Drew from Minions, that can transform kids songs into punk rock. The difference in cartoons is that nothing works out for the villain, when for me is the opposite, when I embraced that side of mine, I started to heal myself!



In English

In Portuguese:

Day 36 of 40 – Roots Bloody Roots

Friday April 17th Rirou’s walk through the COVID-420 quarantine is coming to his final day, but who is Rirou after all?

In his daily meditation he often ask “who am I?, am I Rirou or Rirou is me?” During his meditations he found out that Rirou is a disturbed modern cavemen, he learned how to suppress his emotions in Portuguese, but learned how to express them in English. The result of that is a glitch in his matrix, making Rirou even more disturbed.

Rirou wanted to punk the world with a really disturbed idea. Rirou learned that in order to make any change he needed get to the root of the issue. In therapy is well known that in order for healing to happen, we must heal our inner child, and that is what is all about, but why?

Well, the meaning of life is to look good naked which simply means being conformable in your own skin. Rirou realized in order to teach his kids to look good naked he needed to look good naked himself. Is like the song from Rirou favorite Offspring album, “Way down the line”, in that song the lyrics says “Nothing changes cause its all the same… there is a chain there is never broken…”. Rirou wanted to break that chain, because he knows it that you can’t pour from an empty cup and in order to empower his kids to look good naked he needed to do that same.

Rirou decided to fight the evil forces that made him feel like an asshole. Yes, he became the pope of his own Religion and created “The not so fashion show” to spread his wisdom worldwide. Rirou is either a genius or totally insane, but he knows one thing for sure, he is extremely disturbed….Rirou is simply Richard higher self, no pun intended…

To be continued!

Feel Good,


He has risen

After 40 days of isolation he has risen… the story is about this hero, well not actually a “hero”, but a “Rirou”. That was his nickname and when pronounced in Portuguese sounds exactly like hero. Rirou has always had a weird black and white dream that he was little, and everything around him was getting bigger and bigger, he would scream but nobody would listen. It felt like he was losing his soul in the dream. This dream kept reoccurring in his life, to a point he was afraid to sleep and dream that dream again.

On a Monday somewhere back in 2013 Rirou was already 33 years old and he was having another case of the Mondays. Like most Mondays, he got in the room for another therapy session.

This time was different. This time Rirou sat down and said to the therapist: “- Well, today you are going to talk. Can you please tell me my diagnosis?” All this year in therapy Rirou have never asked that question, because he was afraid. The therapist said: “ – Sure but can you tell me why?” He just replied: “- Nothing is real until you feel it, and in order to feel I need to hear it. I need to know that I am not crazy, and I need to know why the f*** I am back in the same f*** place as before” as he started to cry. That was the first time Rirou cried in therapy. After 10 minutes of intensive crying Rirou look to the therapist and said “The dream is true, I need my soul back. I want the red pill. I need to save me from myself”.

As the years went by Rirou was little by little reconnecting with his soul through writing, and when his son came along everything started to get more clear, after all Rirou always heard, when you become a parent you will understand. He got fully reunited with his soul, but he still didn’t understand. Well, he did understand, it wasn’t the way he was told. In fact, was the complete opposite.

One day while writing Rirou had an idea of creating a Religion out of spite. However, out of spite was not really Rirou cup of tea, after all he tries hard not to be an asshole; but the idea of creating a religion was very inspiring for him. So, he took the story of his life and made an “evil” plot to Punk the world.

Rirou had all figure it out, I mean his visions, his deja-vu, his signs, everything fitted like a beautiful puzzle. He was finally looking/feeling good naked, (Looking good naked is a matter of mind, body and soul) but he was still paralyzed due to his emotional issues. Yes, Rirou is a procrastinator. Well procrastination it is a side effect of depression, and part of Rirou’s depression is because he is a “sinner”, and now 7 years later after he took the red pill it all made sense.

Rirou had decided that 2020 was time for healing and started pretty well, but on March, Friday the 13th (Friday 13th has always been Rirou lucky day) the world went insane in the brain with the corona virus bringing a global existential crisis. The reality is that the global crisis has started way before that, but that day was when USA declared state of emergency and we all got in quarantine to avoid spreading the virus.

“God gave man the truth, the devil came along and said: “let me organize for you”

East Indian proverb
The “devil” whispering!

Rirou went on isolation, during this period the “devil” came along and whispered let’s organize your visions and take it to action. On day 40, the rocker that has risen, but there was a glitch in the matrix, the rocker dad is not a hero. That is ok, since his friends always sang to him, “we don’t need another hero”, and they were right, we don’t another hero, we need a punk. Now the punk is awake, the plot is organized, and he is naked and not afraid.

Now the story can be told….

Feel Good!


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