Big blue slime balls

Riding my favorite wheels again since 1992. Yeah, you read it right it’s been 29 years since I rode my favorite skateboarding wheel set. I was 12 the last time I owned a set, actually it was my brother’s set. Now that I started skateboarding again at the age of 40 I finally got another set. I love my big blue slime balls…

Music is El rock punkarena instrumental.



Chapter 15: Rock your heart out!

After those past few moons things really have shifted for me. It feels like I finally came into terms with my traumas and I completely shifted to a point that feels like a new life. Even my wife agrees, great sign of healing🀘🧑🀘.

This process was a huge step forward, and to be honest is like I am no longer caring a cross. The cross that I call fear, judgment, shame and guilt. With that happening I already had a purpose/meaning to do what I am doing, but now I was able to have clear goals like I haven’t had since my last ironman in 2016.

Truth is I already had the punk rock songs for kids idea and I was already doing, so I just needed to optimize (as you can see in the Mr Golden sun new video). Now I had the idea of doing covers, but I was not totally sure of what songs to do. I mean my list of favorite songs is huge and I was all over the place. Therefore once I went through this process, everything connected beautifully, so I thought what would be the equivalent of an rock and roll ironman?

AC/DC! Do full cover AC/DC songs, a one man band tribute to AC/DC would be the equivalent of a Rock and Roll Ironman for me. Besides I have a long story with AC/DC (my first album), my kids love it and Angus Young is by far my favorite guitar player in every way shape or form, specially his stage presence. Also, AC/DC is pure energy, something that can be totally related to Reiki.

So, let the practice begins and may the punk force be with me, after all; it’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll. But what it matter is the journey, so I gonna rock my heart out!



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