Day 23 of 40 – The meaning of life

Day 23rd of Rirou’s COVID-19 isolation and his is things were getting clear by the day in his matrix, while the collective matrix was still a mess. Rirou was finally understanding his higher purpose, and that it’s what was missing in Rirou’s life. After Luke was born Rirou had a clear picture in his mind of the meaning of life, he now just needed a higher purpose.

Luke’s favorite song in the womb!

After coaching for so many years and so many different types of athletes, Rirou realized that all of them have the same goal of “Looking good naked”, including Rirou. After awhile Rirou realized that looking good naked was much more than just the mind and the body thing. Looking good naked was about how you feel when you look in the mirror and how you feel when you go lay down in bed.

Back in 2003 Rirou made an option for his life, the option of laying down in bed at night with a clear conscious. That is the main reason why Rirou did not take any drugs during his athlete career, and the reason why Rirou quit business school; he saw too much corruption on the low level and the highest level, that he did not want to be part of it. Rirou has always being a punk and he did not tolerate bullshit, and the older he gets the ability to tolerate get lower exponentially.

Back in 2013 Rirou’s crisis was more about the body, since he made the option in 2003 that he would sleep with a clear conscious he was feeling much better. In 2013 he had achieved his dream body with 160 pounds and 6% body fat, but he still didn’t feel like he looked good naked. So, Rirou went into a new revolution that went all the way up to 2018 when he ran to the hills. Rirou accepted his body.

Back 2016 Rirou did not have a crisis, he had an spiritual awakening that Luke brought to him. Luke brought Rirou something that no life coach, no religion, no parent, could have giving him, only a child can give, after all children are the biggest teachers in life.

Rirou finally realized the true meaning of looking good naked, and its about mind, body and soul. Looking good naked is the ability to feel good in your own skin!

Rirou is a moonchild and he believes in being the change he wishes to see in the world, and since the meaning of life is to look good naked; which is totally related to how you feel about yourself. Rirou, as a master punk, decided to get something that made him feel bad for years (Religion) and make one that is the complete opposite, a religion based on JOY! The collective matrix was going to an existential crisis with the COVID-19, so now was the perfect time to start writing about it.

Rirou was no longer a procrastinator, and now he was finally fulfilling his prophecy. He finally looking good naked.

Feel Good


Day 2 of 40 – Living in a human zoo

Rirou woke up that on Friday March 13th. Normally Friday is Rirou favorite day because is his “preschool” day at School of Rock for guitar and vocal lessons, and being a Friday 13th makes things even better for Rirou since is his lucky day.

The Corona Virus has stopped the world therefore everything was getting cancelled. Schools were getting, including the school of rock, parks, stores and Rirou was still on his male period version. However, one thing was not cancelled skateboarding on the parking lot.

Skateboarding is Rirou passion and possibly his first love. According to family history he was on the top of a skateboard at 2 years old, sounds a bit of bs, but it’s the story that the family tells. The truth is, Rirou has been skateboarding since he was at least 4 years old, and Rirou always felt that skateboarding was magical, like walking on air. So, that is what he did to clear his mind.

He came back inspired and with ideas. Nothing like a good skate session jumping over toilet paper and maybe a little bit of weed, cause you know we need a little more controversy here (yeah right!?!?), but don’t worry is legal where he lives. Rirou never thought he would live in an era where weed will be legal, since weed is medicine. Now Rirou wishes that people understood that Rock (heavy metal, trash, death metal, punk etc.) was not a sin, and that skateboarding is not a crime. Yeah, skateboarding is not a crime, but many times skateboarders were seen as “criminals or worthless” especially when Rirou was younger.

Rirou came back feeling better, and he was starting to realize that in fact he have superpowers, well maybe not superpowers, but an ability, that he was starting to understand on how to control that ability. Rirou knew one thing for sure, he was living I a human zoo….

Feel Good,


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