Day 5 of 40 – Chaos from within

Monday march 16th, Rirou woke up with the feeling that the air was heavy, kind of a collective case of the Mondays. If you don’y know what “A case of the monday’s” it is please watch the video below. Anyways, the day kept going but Rirou was getting more and more anxious.

That day Rirou made a mistake of checking his Facebook notifications in the morning, the issue with Facebook is that everyone is screaming but nobody is listening. Plus, feels like Facebook is creepy, and sometimes it feels like it trying to control your mind. For example, you post something about, let’s say diapers, and out of a sudden you start seeing ads of diaper all over your Facebook time line. Yeah, it’s creepy, and the same happens in the news, the more you read about certain subject the more that will show it to your time line, and the issue is you never get to see the other side of the story. Facebook feels like back in the days, when family watched the news together and everyone was bitching about it the difference is that on Facebook the “family” is a lot bigger, and everyone is scream and nobody is listening. It’s a recipe for hate.

Rirou has had always a different approach to life, when he was a triathlete for awhile people called him the Triathlon Buddha due to his zen approach to life, and he did the same as a coach. One of his favorites was disconnect in order to connect. Rirou has use that for years, in all of his crisis. Today, was the same, he got caught in collective case of the Mondays and mix that with an internal chaos it becomes a perfect storm.

That Monday Rirou thought, he needed a change. I have been only 1 official week, but Rirou was on the second week of isolation. Rirou knew he needed to do something, and the answer was within….

Feel Good,


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