Day 20 of 40 – The gift of fatherhood, part 2

Continuing from part 1…

That year Rirou got his birthday gift earlier on June 6th when they went out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Rirou’s wife got him a guitar cause Rirou had a goal of learning to play his favorite songs to Luke, after all he was always jamming in the womb.

The first song Rirou learned

Rirou made a goal of learning his first song before his birthday and before Luke birth. On his birthday, Rirou learned his first song in the guitar. Luke was born a month after Rirou got his guitar and guess what? Rirou did learn his first song before the birth.

Rirou sealed his strong connection with Luke in the first second of life. Luke was born with a physical challenge called Nemaline Myopathy and because of that Luke’s incarnation was a little difficult. Luke was born with an apgar number of 2 on a scale 1 to 10. When that happened the doula said that Luke need to hear a familiar voice and when Rirou said “Dad is here” Luke grabbed his finger and that was the only movement he did in the next 72 hours. Also, Luke’s first incubator in the NICU had been cleaned on Rirou’s birthday, that was mind blowing for Rirou.

Rirou notice that Luke absolutely loves music, and guess what Luke also loves rock and fast songs. He keeps asking Rirou to put fast songs and of course both of them goes nuts, having a lot of fun. Rirou always heard that this kind of songs were the devil song and that would take him straight to hell. That caused a lot of issues for Rirou.

Song from Rirou’s first album.

Rirou since very young age was a big fan of this type of song. To have an idea at the age of 7 Rirou exchanged a kids vynil that he got as a gift to an AC/DC. Now that was another mind blowing moment because Luke’s first favorite song is an AC/DC one….. To be continued!

Luke’s favorite AC/DC song

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