In the winter of 2019 we Federico aka Principessa – Drums, Daniele – Bass/Vocal and Tommy – Guitar got together due to working together as stage hand and yard work in general. The love for punk rock brought them to do a rehearsal room and they decided start the band. After a year Ernest joined them with his guitar and pedal effect .The band is based in Venice – Italy. After two/three years of practice they were ready to play play live but because COVID-19 pandemic shows got cancelled. Their first record is out with 200 copies sold so far. They are the Indespensabili and they contacted me and sent me their songs. After a little bit of talk, one of the members told me that Dad have introduced with the Offspring Album conspiracy of one. Well, I didn’t think twice with that and decided to do this interview.

We are Indispensabili Drums – Ruben aka Principessa

Bass/Voice – Sig. Tost

Guitar – Erbest Don Pedale

Guitar/Lawnmower – Tommy 

Rock-it-ology: How long you all have been playing? 

Indispensabili started actually without Erbest, he was had one year time to find us for star play togheter… that time was the 2019 more or less. 

Rock-it-ology: How music have helped you? 

Music is everything, without you can be lost. The cool thing is that you can push up the amply volume and sing loud. 

Rock-it-ology: What touches your soul? 

Many things… but for sure the Ramones its one of them. 

Rock-it-ology: Top 5 favorite songs? 

Ramones – Bad brain – Misfits – Where eagles dare Queers – You re tripping River dales – Mentally retardedI Fichissimi – La tipa della casa occupata 

Rock-it-ology: An example on how not to be an asshole? 

Bring guitar picks and cables to the rehearsal room for example. 

How can we support the band? 

Listen to our music first, second when will be back time for concert of course buy to us a beer will be great. 

Check out their songs at my favorite song is Burger King, maybe because I worked at Wendy’s before.

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